Professional Services

Implementation Consulting

At Entero, we believe the key to successful implementations is a clear understanding of our clients’ business requirements, appropriate project resourcing, and quality engagement of our clients’ users for support and training. Entero’s project team consists of a project manager, senior business analysts, and supporting representatives from each functional group. Our approach is to:

  • Work closely with subject matter experts in your organization to establish functional requirements and existing business processes;
  • Understand your business and present optimal modeling options for your team;
  • Train and support core users assigned to the project to facilitate “super” users in your organization;
  • Assist with integrating the application into existing or improved business processes to maximize your value from the solution; and
  • Remain engaged after the system is in production and facilitate the transition to our support desk.

Six Steps to Success

Entero’s Engagement Methodology

Successful projects begin with clarity. Entero’s proven methodology includes six steps, which are designed to facilitate highly effective risk management during Entero’s implementation process. By mitigating risks upfront in preparation for deployment, Entero eliminates or significantly reduces potential issues, and proactively manages the entire project.

The goal of our engagement methodology is to help move from early conceptual stages, to developing a strong business case, gaining internal support, and then executing on a well defined and clearly understood deployment.


Includes database configuration, as well as customization and testing of new functionality and interface development (for some products), customized reporting and third party network support.

Advisory Services

Experienced advisors provide recommendations and guidance on processes, as well as incorporating Entero products into your company workflows.

Technical Services

By reviewing requirements with your team, we can identify a solution that helps meet your desired results.

Application Administration

Providing deployment, configuration, recommended practices and technical support for the complete Entero product line – from standard installation to complex custom environments.

Database Administration

Entero provides database administration support that can work with your team at a variety of levels. We can provide a dedicated DBA, or we can work with your internal database team. This support can include database creation, connectivity, maintenance, monitoring, backup and recovery, security, support scripts and patches, management of new login identities, performance tuning, and more.

Capacity Planning

Entero is able to work with your technical team and provide parameters to estimate the size of the hardware required for your specific application utilization.

Functionality Enhancements

Entero is able to work with your organization to optimize our system functionality, and ensure it meets your unique business needs.

Client project approval is the primary mechanism in achieving our goal of service delivery excellence and is required at the end of each project phase.

IT Services

Entero’s IT services include hardware upgrades, complex custom installations, and recommendations for:

  • Hardware and software requirements (e.g. type of server needed);
  • Leadership on how to best manage hardware capabilities;
  • Recommended practice implementation strategies.