MOSAIC Webcast: Connecting Core E&P Workflows in a Truly Unified Platform

MOSAIC, Webinar

This webcast provides a high-level overview of the value of using one platform to support more effective workflows for reserves management, budget & planning, capital management, and petroleum economic evaluations. We address some of the challenges companies face with integrating multiple software platforms, and the benefits of using one single source of truth to manage your business.

We explore how using MOSAIC to consolidate many of the core workflows in your organization provides:
• Better insight through shared information between reserves, engineering, planning, operations, and finance.
• Standardized processes across corporate and operational teams.
• A clear view of actuals and forecasts, from the well detail to the corporate outlook in one unified system.
• The ability to perform technical analysis and manage the business in a single database, making volume and capital forecasting easy and consistent.