Entero® launches MOSAIC™ converter tool for ValNav® data


Entero® launches its MOSAIC™ converter tool to quickly and accurately convert ValNav® data for A&D Activities

Entero® MOSAIC™, the only truly unified solution in the upstream industry for Reserves Management, Budgeting, and Economics, is pleased to announce valuable new functionality that allows MOSAIC users to easily convert entire Value Navigator® (ValNav®) databases into the MOSAIC architecture seamlessly.

Providing industry experts with a MOSAIC database format allows companies to cater to a wider audience of potential buyers and creates long-term value creation. The new converter tool in MOSAIC is a fast and easy, push-button, user driven importer. It prepares the database for import and completes the conversion easily and effectively. There are three main types of conversions options available:

  • – Importing an entire ValNav® database, which imports all wells found in the source database;
  • – Importing from a text file, which allows the user to import a text file well list; or,
  • – Importing from a well list, which allows the user to choose specific wells from a ValNav® database to import.


For more information on the ValNav Converter, please contact our sales team at sales@entero.com.

Note: Value Navigator® and ValNav® are registered trademarks of 3es Innovation Inc.