Gas Processing

Manage gathering system operations, gas liquids extraction, fractionation, and storage in Entero ONE, with integrated accounting from end-to-end.

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The Midstream Advantage with Entero ONE

Entero® ONE™ (E1) helps midstream and processing companies manage both operational and accounting activities. In a single system, organizations can manage gathering system operations, gas liquids extraction, fractionation, and storage. Accounting is automated throughout the entire process.

Entero ONE manages all production, operations, and sales for accurate results and significant time savings. Eliminate spreadsheet-based data management for better control and reduced risk. The automation of complex calculations will minimize time and potentially costly errors.

E1 helps establish a higher standard of business processes across an organization. Knowledge transfer is simplified with established desk manuals embedded in system workflows.. Centralized contract management brings better transparency and reliability.

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Why E1 for Gas Processing?

  • Comprehensive shipper contract management
  • Set ownership interest and analysis on battery receipts
  • Simple and complex gathering systems
  • Joint Venture functionality
  • Third party shipper fees and penalties
  • Daily and/or monthly allocations
  • User configurable allocation rules to deem flow direction by various dimensions
  • Fees on product flows by various dimensions
  • Accurate allocation of meter differences
  • Third party transportation, fractionation, and storage contracts
  • Shipper, facility, and component balancing
  • Component blending
  • Gas liquids extraction, fractionation, and distribution
  • Sulfur, water, and CO2 processing and distribution
  • Return fuel allocation
  • Flexible modeling for separate production units
  • Operated and non-operated processing
  • Third party dispositions
  • Complex contract
  • allocation capability
  • Simultaneous allocations to multiple pipelines
  • Revenue allocation
  • Risk position and Mark to Market reporting of price and physical exposures
  • Execute financial swap, futures, and option
    contracts by book group to report against physical
  • Flexibility in contract and invoice formats
  • Third party shipper fees and penalties
  • Joint venture AFE and operating overhead costs
  • Overhead rate flexibility and exclusion flexibility
  • Cash call capability
  • Automated joint interest billing (JIB) accounting and invoicing
  • Interface to JIBlink
  • Automated accrual, invoicing, payment, and
  • Interface to corporate general ledger (GL) or
    Entero’s GL
  • Multiple business units, inter-company financial
    accounting, and reporting
  • Inventory valuation and profitability reporting

Entero ONE: Gas Processing

Manage gathering system operations, gas liquids extraction, fractionation, and storage. Automated accounting from end-to-end. All in the E1 system.

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