Gas Plant Accounting, Allocations

Manage daily gas production and plant allocations with integrated accounting in Entero ONE.

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The Upstream Advantage with Entero ONE

The complexity of gas plant accounting requires a solution specifically designed to meet these challenges. With Entero® ONE™ (E1) software, exploration and production companies can manage both operational and accounting activities in a single system. It delivers real-time information to eliminate duplicated, fragmented, or conflicting data.

E1 helps companies manage daily gas production and plant allocations – with accounting integrated throughout. Energy companies looking to increase efficiency, streamline their processes, and generate reliable results from a “single source of truth” are looking to Entero ONE.

Companies with E1 reduce their financial risk of “estimate to actual” imbalances by allocating components by owner on a daily basis. E1 has established desk manuals embedded in workflows to assist with efficient knowledge transfer during turnover or employee leaves.

As an end-to-end solution without modules, E1 is adaptable to existing business processes. Allocation dimensions (i.e. owner, producer, component, well/source location, etc.) are configurable and carried throughout the infrastructure. Create multiple allocation methods. Deliver accurate calculations and adjustments, fee applications, and detailed analysis/reporting. Drill down into any location through a graphical interface to see volumetric positions in real-time.

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Why E1 for Gas Plant Accounting & Allocations?

  • Simple and/or complex gathering systems
  • Interface from external field data capture systems
  • Direction flow by source, owners, or other dimensions (i.e. deeming)
  • Declining balance, factored, and gathered allocations
  • Common stream operator (CSO) Reports for daily allocations
  • Daily volumetric position reports
  • Complex contract allocation capability
  • Simultaneous allocations and nominations to multiple pipelines
  • Automated accruals, invoicing, payment, and accounting
  • Add processing fees or transfer costs for multiple business units
  • Credit reporting by counterparty
  • Daily revenue accrual (optional)

Entero ONE: Gas Plant Accounting and Allocations

Manage daily gas production and plant allocations. Automated accounting from end-to-end. All in the E1 system.

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