Reserves Management

In a volatile oil and gas market, the best Reserves Management System makes a difference.

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MOSAIC is the Industry’s Most Robust Reserves Management & Reporting Solution

Energy markets are unpredictable. Your Reserves forecast and planning shouldn’t be. Teams are often juggling multiple tools, and spending valuable time loading – and reloading – data. Without an effective process, it’s difficult to deliver timely and trustworthy results.

Entero® MOSAIC™ is a comprehensive reserves management, reconciliation, and reporting solution. It’s integrated with the industry’s leading petroleum economics and production volume forecasting tools. MOSAIC’s proven economic engine handles all Canadian and U.S. jurisdictions, as well as International Concession and PAS contracts.

Whether running year-end reserves processes or producing time sensitive scenarios for senior management, MOSAIC delivers accurate information quickly. Companies looking to increase productivity, and move towards robust analysis, scenarios, and reporting are relying on MOSAIC. It’s the most complete reserves management system.

MOSAIC clients manage over
BOE of reserves annually


Discover MOSAIC, the most complete Reserves Management & Reporting system.


  • Fully integrated regulatory reporting (SEC, SMOG, NI 51-101)
  • Over 100 built-in reports created direct to screen, Microsoft Excel, and PDF.
  • Batch reporting tools generate project and corporate report binders with a single click
  • Open data model with stored inputs and economic results are easily integrated into existing corporate tools and processes
  • Built-in standard SEC and N151-101 ready reconciliation processes and reports
  • Intuitive interface indicates when reconciliations don’t balance, production has been accounted for, or closing economics have changed
  • Supports custom category change types and reporting groups
  • Comprehensive data, role, and functional security for access control
  • Data-level approvals and change control for management of change and audit
  • Vintage feature to capture changes over time – snapshot of inputs and economic results
  • Generate best-fit forecast using ARPS decline, Empirical (Duong), and linear models, as single segment or multi-segment and terminal decline
  • Capture key volume and cost drivers with a complete set of production, injection, and cost streams, for forecasting primary and secondary products and ratios
  • Powerful auto-forecasting and mass-editing tools for rapid economic evaluation and updating based on actuals
  • Simplified, intuitive, flexible chart and table layouts with tear-away tabs for efficient use of multi-screens
  • Material balance and Volumetric tools to calculate EUR at well or pool level
Integrated economics and production volume forecasting tools mean fast evaluation of scenarios for:

  • Pricing
  • Capital, fixed, and variable cost changes
  • Asset base, business combinations, Reserves based lending, asset impairment, acquisitions, and divestitures

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