Petroleum Economics

The fastest, most robust economic engine in the industry for the best decision, at the right time, with accurate data.

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The Industry’s Most Powerful Economic Engine

Project economics can be influenced by many factors. Asset knowledge, development technique, geology, and market and political conditions all affect the outcome. Unreliable data should not be a factor. Ineffective economic evaluations lead to increased risk and untapped value.

With Entero® MOSAIC™ your investment decisions are never hindered by slow economic evaluations or delayed information aggregation. MOSAIC’s unmatched speed generates results 5-10x faster than any legacy economic engines in the market. E&P companies can quickly analyze new projects or investments. Using one database, teams can efficiently manage Type Wells, project development plans, and rapidly generate economic scenarios for effective and timely decision support.

Fiscal Models

Entero has a proven track record of first-to-market, fully integrated updates to MOSAIC for new royalty calculations, incentive models, and changes to North American fiscal models.

We have a growing library of international fiscal models that are developed in partnership with our clients. MOSAIC includes:

  • Flexible calculation models for North America;
  • Over 25 fiscal models in 18 countries; and
  • Flexible price, offset, tax, royalty, and currency decks for multi-jurisdictional evaluations.

Mosaic clients have drilled over
gross wells over the last 3 years

MOSAIC Acquisitions & Divestitures

Find time to run multiple scenarios, tune your perspective of value, and make the best decisions.


Integrated Type-Well modeling and development planning tools allow for rapid half-cycle or full-cycle evaluations, as well as long-term management of asset characterizations and development plans.

Type well management tools include:

  • stored contributors for reference and transparency as assets move between technical staff;
  • Options for selecting aggregation and normalization methods;
  • Fit-for-purpose P10, P50, P90 categories capture uncertainty ranges inside a side Type-well entity, and;

Development planning tools allow for:

  • Selection of one or many Type well entities as source wells
  • Facility production and lease access constraints
  • Integration of existing producing wells
  • Bulk entity creation of new development wells following the model constraints above.
  • Flexible calculation models for North America
  • Over 25 international fiscal models in 18 countries
  • Flexible price, offset, tax, royalty, and currency decks for multi-jurisdictional evaluations
  • Generate best-fit forecast using ARPS decline, Empirical (Duong), and linear models, as single segment or multi-segment and terminal decline
  • Capture key volume and cost drivers with a complete set of production, injection, and cost streams, for forecasting primary and secondary products and ratios
  • Powerful auto-forecasting and mass-editing tools for rapid economic evaluation and updating based on actuals
  • Simplified, intuitive, flexible chart and table layouts with tear-away tabs for efficient use of multi-screens
  • Material balance and Volumetric tools to calculate EUR at well or pool level
  • Generate project, package, or portfolio level scenarios using entity level bulk edits or imports
  • Global sensitivities provide the flexibility to re-evaluate changes to portfolio or company value due to prices, costs, and volumes
  • Visualize project sensitivity using tornado analysis and real-time economic indicators
  • Evaluate and roll-up cross-border packages with multi-currency and FX
  • Go from production history to Cash Flow report in minutes with Mosaic’s automatic decline feature
  • Mass editing and import of inputs (including production forecasts, price decks, operating costs, and interests)
  • Standard imports from all major US and Canadian data and daily and monthly production data imports from common field data capture systems
  • 100 built-in reports and extracts, and custom reporting using dynamic tables, including consolidation, KPI, and one-line summary reports
  • Quickly generate hierarchy level reports and alter roll-up levels without re-running economics or regenerating reports
  • Open data structure supports external reporting and integration to corporate data warehouses and analytics

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