Capital Management

Make confident capital allocation decisions to meet your targets.

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A Complete Solution for Capital Forecasting and Performance Tracking

Making allocation decisions can be difficult when the data at the intersection of accounting actuals and forecast is unclear. E&P companies need a simple, reliable approach to balance capital and confidently re-forecast future plans.

Entero® MOSAIC™ is a robust capital management, forecasting, and performance tracking tool. Using AFE synchronization and dynamic balancing, MOSAIC helps provide clarity to asset teams and leadership when making allocation decisions.

It’s time to retire those “management wedges” for good. Budget, forecast, and manage capital in MOSAIC for a clear picture of current and future performance.

MOSAIC clients have spent over
$ 0 billion
in capital in the last 3 years

MOSAIC Capital Management

Learn how to make confident capital allocation decisions, communicate capital changes, and meet targets.


  • A clear view of well to corporate level capital actuals and forecast in one system
  • Accommodates existing planning workflow (by controlled central planning or distributed business units) to re-forecast capital
  • Transition from budget to execution through synchronization of AFEs as they are raised
  • Dynamic balancing of capital forecast based on YTD actual capital expenditures, schedule, and gross estimate
  • Run price, operating, and capital cost scenarios on a project or your entire portfolio without altering core inputs
  • Integrated capital management with declines, volume forecasting, and economics for visibility into performance
  • Integrated with capital and volume actuals
  • Compare current budget to previous versions and alternate scenarios
  • Vintage changes to inputs annually, quarterly, monthly, or on-demand

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