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Flexibility and transparency where it’s needed. Control and accuracy where it matters.

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A Single Solution for Budgeting, Development Planning, and Asset Characterization

Upstream oil and gas companies are working hard to maximize value and cash flow. Successful organizations are making planning processes more effective by using simple, innovative approaches for quick analysis and multiple scenarios. Creating transparent and repeatable processes empowers asset development groups to own the forecast, while aligning operations and finance teams with a “single source of truth”.

To streamline this process for optimum efficiency and clarity, upstream oil and gas companies use Entero® MOSAIC™ to manage all assets in a single database. Budgeting, development planning, asset characterization, and project economics all come together in one application. MOSAIC makes it easier to adjust to market volatility and meet corporate performance targets.

In the last 3 years, MOSAIC clients have spent over
$0 Billion
in Capital

MOSAIC Budget & Planning

Learn how MOSAIC brings higher accountability and transparency to corporate budgeting, business unit planning, and economic forecasting.


With integrated capital management and directly tied to a reserves structure, MOSAIC offers complete fit-for-purpose budget and planning capabilities:

Type-well curve development tools:

  • stored contributors for reference and transparency
  • selectable aggregation and normalization methods
  • capture asset/play uncertainty ranges
  • easily integrate into development plan

Development project planning and bulk entity creation with allowances for facility production and lease access constraints.


  • Run price, operating and capital cost scenarios on a project or an entire portfolio without altering core inputs
  • Hierarchy levels are treated as consolidation points for rolling up well-level results – no need to rerun economics for every hierarchy
  • Vintage changes yearly, quarterly, monthly, or on demand – compare your current budget to previous versions or alternate scenarios
  • Dynamic online review of properties with full disclosure of changes for added continuity and internal understanding of changes
  • Security with designated access controls enforce change restrictions by data hierarchy
  • Snapshot inputs and economic results with the vintage feature to capture changes over time
  • Easy data updates through bulk imports (costs, offsets, NGL yields, etc)
  • Direct entry and incremental changes across multiple entities at once
  • Quickly validate data through a change control process, including dozens of data validity checks
  • Share data with internal and third-party systems from a well-documented, Open Database model
  • Generate best-fit forecast using ARPS decline, Empirical (Duong), and linear models, as single segment or multi-segment and terminal decline
  • Capture key volume and cost drivers with a complete set of production, injection, and cost streams, for forecasting primary and secondary products and ratios
  • Powerful auto-forecasting and mass-editing tools for rapid economic evaluation and updating based on actuals
  • Simplified, intuitive, flexible chart and table layouts with tear-away tabs for efficient use of multi-screens
  • Material balance and Volumetric tools to calculate EUR at well or pool level

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