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Connecting Volume to Value

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The business of producing, transporting and delivering oil and gas from field to market is complex. Throughout the process, the requirement to connect a produced volume to a commercial value is at the heart of this complexity. The production of a well is likely to have many owners as E&P costs and methods increase in complexity, which is in stark contrast to the truck, rail car, or pipeline where a specific volume is delivered to a specific client. One-to-many has resolved to 1:1.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Our mission at Entero? To help our clients accurately and efficiently connect Volume to Value to achieve a competitive advantage in a dynamic and challenging commodity landscape. Entero software solutions cover the entire workflow  – from  the wellhead to corporate cash flow – and help to increase value through opex savings, increased production, or revenue.

A New Metric

In the current market, successful upstream oil and gas companies have replaced a “production first” mantra with a ‘best production” program. Measuring performance against this new metric requires a holistic view of cost per barrel by each well. This requires integration of all production & reserves values, analyzed with complete data analysis and robust forecasting.

Entero upstream clients using MOSAIC for Reserves, Economics and Planning are able to recast the value of their production inventory and identify which wells are most effective in delivering the volume. Entero midstream clients using Entero ONE (E1) platform for Energy Trading and Logistics, can process and track the contract volume through to the commercial invoice value.

The transformation of volume into value is complex, the systems you trust, shouldn’t be. This is at the heart of our mission – to simply the complexity, so our clients can focus on competitive advantage.

About the Author

Steve Robb joined Entero in 2016.  He is responsible for accelerating Entero’s growth and market presence for Entero ONE and MOSAIC across North America, and into global markets. Steve has over 25 years of experience in oil and gas software and technology segments.

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