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Entero® ONE™ (E1) is different. As the only end-to-end system without traditional functional modules, E1 helps Exploration & Production, Midstream & Processing, and Trading & Marketing organizations effectively manage both operational and accounting activities from a single system. Entero has rich industry experience and proven success implementing within the most complex businesses. We help companies eliminate duplicated, fragmented, and conflicting data, and gain real-time information clarity for all primary functions.

Entero ONE is cross-functional in that all primary business functions share the same single source of data. This includes:  trading and marketing, contract management, scheduling, logistics, production, credit, risk, asset management, joint venture, and financial accounting. In one system, companies can manage any company or third party owned commodity, through any mode of processing and logistics,  with settlement in any currency.

General System Features

  • Flexible cross-functional modeling tool

    Eliminate separate functional silo systems throughout the organization. Entero ONE offers a flexible cross-functional business model capable of capturing virtually any business event for any commodity, automating the accounting for the event, and presenting the event from an accounting or operational perspective. The system provides information clarity in near real time for all primary functions in the organization to make better and more timely decisions.

  • Operational and accounting information

    Get meaningful operational information, and accounting data from the same system. While the accounting view of results is essential for regulatory compliance, operational management is more concerned with current and future events than historical events. This chart summarizes the conflicting perspectives between the accounting and operational views of past, present, and future business events:

    View Dimensions Historic Periods Present Period Future Periods
    Accounting Actual+PPA’s Actual+Estimates+PPA’s Budget
    Operations Adjusted Actual Actual+Scheduled Forecast

    The accounting view of each period is an accumulation of actual transactions for the period and adjustments of transactions from prior periods (PPA’s). These prior period adjustments are often significant enough to distort the actual period operating results. This phenomenon exists in every industry, but it is particularly pronounced in the oil and gas industry where accounting typically lags between one and three months behind the actual event. Operations management involves the constant balancing of supply and demand of products and services. To achieve this, operations management needs to know what actually occurred in the past, but more importantly they need to know what is scheduled and forecast to occur in the future, including risk positions. Scheduled (short term) and forecast (long term) supply and demand are constantly changing on a daily basis. By contrast, the accounting view of the future is set in an annual budget. While this is a useful tool to compare actual results to a plan, it is not a useful operational tool for dynamically balancing supply and demand. E1 provides both accounting and operational views of all business events for the past, present, and future, satisfying both operational and accounting requirements from the same underlying data.

  • Workflow guided process

    Gain process control and effective knowledge transfer during vacations or employee turnover. Entero ONE includes a tool that enables clients to define customized, step-by-step workflows. Workflows establish processes, and track adherence to those processes, in a controlled environment within the system. Each workflow task defines the action required, staff assignment, and tracks who completed it and when. Desk manuals or binders can be converted into a powerful administrative control and training tool. Furthermore, new streamlined cross-functional business processes are made possible within E1 using workflows.

  • Configurable user interface and security

    Achieve staff efficiency through workspaces that are customized to each role and user. Role definitions are configurable by system administrators to control which workspaces are available to each role, and determine what the read/write privileges are for each field in each workspace. One or more users may be assigned to a role. Users may also customize their workspace layouts, column orders, labels, and sort orders, and save those settings as their individual preferences. This restricts the portion of the system that is available to each user, and provides the most effective workspace layouts for each job function.

  • Infrastructure schematics

    See a unique graphical schematic for specific details within any logistical infrastructure. A graphical view allows users to easily see where the product is moving, and what deals and inventory positions are associated with every location. This significantly reduces training time, set-up errors, and cycle times. Users can click on any point in the schematic and immediately access additional information. This graphical display is the fastest way to validate infrastructure set-up and train new employees.

  • Reporting

    Configure reports without programming. With authorized access, clients can create both simple and/or complex reports using an embedded reporting tool, and easily adjust available reports for formatting, column display, totals, etc. Technical users can create new reports from scratch, or modify existing reports to meet unique client requirements. All reports can be set up with specific parameters, scheduled, and emailed automatically within the E1 application, without additional programming.

  • Industry interfaces

    Simplify system integration. With Entero ONE, clients can build interfaces in-house or Entero can provide this as a service. The system includes over 30 interfaces to different industry applications and 30 additional interfaces for general client use. These interfaces significantly increase efficiency and data quality. Standard export data providers, and import staging areas are provided for each major object class. Configurable alias management is also available for each major object class. These functions support multiple volumetric, financial, price, analysis, and transactional interfaces, in addition to various corporate accounting system interfaces.

  • Tax engine

    Fully automate tax calculations. E1's tax engine is designed to accommodate taxes for all jurisdictions and internationally. Multiple levels of taxes are possible (e.g. city, county, state, province, district, country). Taxes can be either volume or percentage based. Multiple types of taxes are supported including excise tax, sales tax, use tax, tax on tax, as well as self assessed taxes. Further refinements are enabled through inclusions and exclusions by location, type of cost, end use and exemptions. All these features enable handling of many complex situations, to help ensure the correct taxes are accrued without the effort of manual calculations or overrides.

Proven business value that we've heard from our clients

More flexibility regardless of company size
  • Ability to model new requirements, without continuously developing new system functionality
  • Configurable workspace to suit specific users requirements
  • Apply consistent and auditable processes through workflows
  • Scalable for organizational growth
  • Assign proper roles to all users to restrict access to specific data
One source of data
  • All teams work off of a single, real time data source
  • Reduce data errors and spreadsheets
  • Customize reports to make better and faster decisions
Lower costs of operation
  • Importing or exporting data from and to third party systems
  • Spend more time on data analysis rather than data entry
  • Advanced activity-based inventory costing and valuation
Streamlined operations
  • Controlled security and data access for any level within an organization
  • Thorough audit trail to analyze who changed what and when
  • Complete General Ledger (GL) is built into the system, which can be used as the corporate GL, or interfaced to another corporate accounting system
Real time information
  • Configurable graphical schematic provides a representation of business locations, and the relationships between these locations
  • Precise scheduling and monitoring of product movement via rail, truck, pipeline, and marine vessel
  • Hundreds of built-in reports and an extensive self-serve reporting tool (delivered via email or the E1 library)
  • Accounting is automated by setting the rules, then transactions are automatically generated with the correct account codes
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